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When people talk impolitely
Acts rudely, with no hesitantly
Or gives any no-respect treats to you
That’s not your problem
It’s their parents’
Because, honestly, being rude and stupid are simply similiar
They are just irrelevant to you
So, don’t take it with anger
Be smarter

August 02, 2014
Late Dinner at Sushi Tei - Grand Indonesia , Jakarta

Click picture to enlarge and see the details 

(Late Post)

Welcoming 23 to you, Maaaaassss!!!

Happy Birthday My Special Dearest Pal, Maulana Arif Rahman Hakim!!

Right on 29th August 2014, you are turning 23! So, I wish you …

  • have a barakallah life ahead
  • a better job followed with great career
  • be more popular :p
  • be more optimistic
  • staaaay positive! you already are then keep it up!!
  • keep going with the band til it gets succeed
  • marry your girlfriend as soon as you could haha
  • stay wise!
  • stay kind!
  • keep chasing after all dreams til them in hands
  • don’t ever change the way of you think and what inside your mind. honestly, that’s what makes you gorgeous :p 

And thank’s for your nice respond of getting text at midnight. Since last year, I straight made a call and he just said, “ok thank you. now, i am going back to sleep” it was a bit offensive actually. I expected his laugh coming out but he sounded high instead -_- hmmm well, that was just fine. He was too tired and that was just he is…… So that’s why, last midnight I chose to text him, anyway I congratulated first then I called him in the morning. And finally, it worked!!

So, as we are in a long distance relationship (this will be ended soon anyway! yay!), while I love singing, so me and my potluck voice and average skill of playing ukulele, sang a song for him. I had planned it before. So him, since known as a hardcore man, secretly loves some mellow songs. He asked me for a couple times to cover a song and one of the songs is Grow Old With You by Adam Sandler. I lied to him. I told him that I didn’t recognize this song and I was not even interested to make a cover. But my reason, I just want to present this song just right on your birthdaaaaaay! Since we are far so I wish you possibly could get the lyrics as what I am really telling you. So you can mean it. Just like we do..

By the way, It made me surprised when he said to me that lately he much loved to hear mellow songs which is a new a thing. Something he never did previously. And the other song that he loves beside Grow Old With You is, Marry Your Daughter…. I just laughed so hard. You seriously looked ridiculous.

So, here’s the gift to you on your 23rd year of your life. I can’t guarantee a gold voice or the best cover but I know this is not and extraordinary gift that other girl can give but neither make it as the hardest sweet memory to remember 
And folks, sorry for my voice. I sound like kids and I can’t explain why :|

Thank you for spending time by reading here!

Have a good day/night! 

-Adinda Annisa-

Because we just need to understand and to tolerate every human’s character
We may revenge with the sweet one, either the bitter one
But remember, how we act shows who truly we are
Stay positive



To see you when I wake up, is a gift I didn’t think could be real 
To know that you feel the same, as I do, is a Three-fold utopian dream 
You do something to me 
That I can’t explain 
So would I be out of line, If I said 
I miss you. 
I see your picture, I smell your skin on, the empty pillow next to mine 
You have only been gone ten days, but already I am wasting away 
I know I’ll see you again 
Whether far or soon 
But I need you to know, that I care 
And I miss you


I never had been with someone before
I never saw my self good
I only could wish someone would fight for me
Even I had no bravery to tell I was pretty worth it

We came up to the end of year
Finally, it was you
Much your countless fights
For days, weeks, months
Times consumed that you had been waiting
But I never expected you
I never did

Unplanned, we are up to years now
Argues, tears, struggles have destined us here
For this long

I am so grateful to get you around
You see me like I am perfectly okay
I only know our eyes meet  
And we feel happy same way
And you need no hard considering
To choose to stay

You know what I lack
My worst sides
But you still lift my pride up
And tell people how awesome I am

Nobody ever did so before
And I should be a bullhead
If til I let you loose away


The picture above was my pet. A three-colors-female-kitten, accidentally named Dylan. haha. This is her when she was about 2 months old :3

And people, through this, I’d like to give you some tips about how to treat your beloved cat nicely, specifically a kitty!

1. Hygiene
Don’t bathe a kitten that under a year old with water because a baby kitty at those ages is sooo susceptible from getting sick. Kitten can’t stand with the cold. They possibly die too. Unless, the kitten is really in dirty condition. Like when Dylan pooped on her blanket and she slept there too. So the next morning, shit happened. What I did was cleaning her with towel, warm water and a baby shampoo but then…she was shaking. I was scared. I immediately made her a milk in a bottle and rolled the bottle over her body while it was hot. It helped!
However, a cat is a cat. "Don’t pour any liquid thing on me! even human says it is relaxing, I don’t believe it !"

Cat will bathe itself by licking its body. That’s just not enough. See the needs below.

a. Baby powder.
Therefore, the best way to bathe a kitten is a dry bath. Dry bath means giving a kitty bath using baby powder. It replaces the use of water. The main purpose to bathe a kitty up, nor dry or non-dry bath, is to treat the fur, the cat’s skin which automatically deprive the bugs. Pour it and brush it with baby hair comb or kids tooth brush.

b. Baby Tissue
This thing is needed to clean the cats paws. Unseen it plays outside or when it’s eating so lustful and its little paws got into the bowl. You know, the smell of wet foot is really strong. But sometimes, I use baby tissue to clean the cat right before I pour the baby powder. The result, your cat more smells good and the fur is smoother.

c. Baby Oil
Just like human baby, baby oil is used to hygiene those special body parts such as the ears and the nails. You can use cotton bud to work things out. And you will be pleasure with that cat’s expression when you’re cleaning their ears, “Master… master… it really feels good. Oh yeah, right there. Yes, yes. Ah nice. Don’t stop.”

But don’t apply the baby oil on the skin because it will damage the fur, it’ll loss!! Oh yeah, and also, every morning the cat’s eyes will send out some eyes dirt. It gets hard since it isn’t straight cleaned up. You can use the baby tissue or the baby oil to remove it. Do gently, but hardly. Hmm. Just do it as you supposed to do.

Don’t ask why. That’s what they live with. The nails have its own function, to protect the cats from rivals, to hunt and to do other things that cat likes, like to scratch your face?

2. Milk and Food
Milk of mother cat is required until five weeks old. Since Dylan is a lost kitten and I was not sure to feed her with my milk. I mean, human formula milk I usually drink…okay awkward… But FYI, DON’T EVER GIVE YOUR CAT HUMAN MILK BECAUSE CAT IS ALLERGIC TO LACTOSE. It will give cats diarrhea. Just like human, diarrhea decreasing the body water. They could die. So then, choose wisely the milk that has less sugar contained in it. To resist it turns to be an obesity cat and…to have diabetes? Up to 5 weeks, feed kittens with milk every 5 hours and watch them to make sure they are not overlapped by Mother cat. Just watch them…

Entering 6 weeks, kittens are allowed to be fed with the wet food. Every wet food printed with age description on its packaging, which determines the tender level of the food outlined the strength of cat’s teeth at that age. Feed your cat three times a day, followed with milk as well.

I remember the first three days I had taken care of Dylan, i fed her nicely then she became a super active kitty. She leaped around, run and mewed a lot. It means your cat is healthy and happy.    

3. Habits
The reason I gave Dylan away to somebody is because I felt sorry for her. I could fulfill her physic needs but I was not sure I would be around her all the time. I felt so wrong leaving her alone at home with toys only. Next days, I brought her to office. Everyday.

                             This is how master took me to ride on motorcycle.

Kitten’s activity rut is similiar to human baby’s. Dylan used to wake up at 4 morning. But there she sat quietly because she had not seen anybody but my Dad went to do subbuh pray to mosque. I think she understood.

As she had woken up, I fed her the wet food. She was a big tummy kitty thought. Give your kitten foods as much as it needs. And then, I let her play around by self. An hour later, fed your kitten with milk. Dylan never had drunk up her milk at once. That’s why, I had to be patient to accompany her all the time to get the milk drank up while she was playing around. Because whenever she was thirsty, she would look for the milk. And yes, it took three hours. haha.

Mostly kitten use time to sleep and to play a lot. Dylan, she automatically be activated after had breakfast. She spent about three hours for scratching her nails, biting your hands, climbing up your body, jumping over the chair feet, fighting with ropes and stuffs - yes, she did those all. And if your kitten just stay sitting right away, it means that it is already sleepy. Too much energy drained out after playing. But you know, cat is a spoiled creature, so when you put your kitten in its bed and it refuses, put it on your lap, your kitten will sleep there. But sometimes Dylan pushed her self to keep her eyes opened just to play with me but actually she was even too tired to get her paws up >.< hahah

Generally, cat is rare to have good sleep. They are too sensitive to sound and touch. So let your kitten have much time to sleep. Dylan used to take 4 up to 5 hours…in the morning and in a day. Those activity continues until the night comes. I was feeling like have a baby at that time -_-

Anyway, I’ll inform you a few news about kitty’s acts here!

a. When kitten has half eyes closed and it moves its ears backward, it’s feeling comfortable. all great!
b. When the eyes pupil get bigger, it means kittens is getting surprised!
c. When kitten opens eyes and ears widely, it’s wanting some fun! Let’s play with! See on the top picture! :3
d. When kitten looks up and turns its head behind, just like me, somebody is too close. Go away shoo!
e. When kitten moves its ears backward and shrinks its eyes, Kitten is angry!!

But remember, the base stocks to take care animals are your LOVE and your SINCERE.

Warm Reegaaards! 

People won’t stop commenting on things you do.
Don’t hear them. Ignore them.
And stay strong.

by Dad

I started wondering what light snack that suitable to buy for My Dad and my sister at home. Then I found the cake shop, Maqui’s.

I thought Maqui’s is a French but then I googled its meaning and I found nothing. But actually, Maqui’s is a Japanese cakes shop from Kobe.

So that, this Maqui’s is located on LG Floor -  Foodhall, Grand Indonesia Mall, Jakarta. It is a cake shop that sells mini cheese cake, cookies, chocolates, short cake and pudding. But there I bought the cheese cakes and the cookies, but if I buy the others on next chance, I’ll write them as review here. As usual.

Here are the cheese cake and the cookies of Maqui’s that I brought home.

imagePlaced in a sweet vintage classy package where you might notice any Japanese characteristic. 

The flavors it has are almond, chocolate, edam cheese, rare cheese, cream cheese and green tea. My tongue high desired to taste the almond, rare cheese and edam cheese. Each mini cheese cake costs Rp. 12.000,-  


I tried the rare cheese. The filling texture is truly soft and it has a balance sour. Making you wanting more and more and more and more. 

image                                                      See that? :3

Here are some cookies to welcome the guests due to Ied Fitr. I went with almond and coffee cookies. The almond cookie does not taste too sweet, i think it was made at its best measuring. And the coffee cookie has strong enough coffee connoisseur and pretty deep coffee taste, a bit bitter. Best suggest for coffee fans! Each jar costs Rp. 33.000,-


Well, that is all just the review I could say. FYI, seems like you have to buy the cheese cakes boxes. A lot. 5 cakes are not enough…for one.


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